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Welcome to the Website of ICOMOS Germany

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and invite you to find out more about the concerns and activities of this international non-governmental heritage organisation. In accordance with the World Heritage Convention of 1972 ICOMOS is advisory body to UNESCO. The German National Committee of ICOMOS advocates the preservation of monuments, ensembles and cultural landscapes on a national and international level.


ICOMOS Student Competition 2023:
1960+ / Pleas for the Preservation of Postmodern Buildings

The student competition 1960+ / Postmodernism will be focusing on the undogmatic creations of postmodernism.
More information on the competition task and the conditions of participation can be found here.

(Photo: Groningen Museum [Alessandro Mendini, Michele De Lucchi, Philippe Starck, Coop Himmelb(l)au], (C) Ralph Richter)


Save the Date
Erich Mendelsohn - Architecture of Dialogue 
(22-23 March 2023, Haifa/Israel)

PEKA Gallery, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa
The Save the Date-Flyer can be found here.
Further information will follow soon.

(Photo: Mikaela Burstow)


Just launched
New Tool to Document Endangered Heritage in 3D

Against the backdrop of war, terrorist attacks or natural disasters, destroyed cultural assets are often lost forever. This ready-to-use 3D reconstruction tool works in a participatory way. Freely accessible and easy to apply, citizens can contribute to 3D reconstructions of tangible cultural heritage uploading their smartphone pictures.
Read the press release here.
In cooperation with the chair of DigitalHumanities,
Universität Jena.