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Welcome to the Website of ICOMOS Germany

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and invite you to find out more about the concerns and activities of this international non-governmental heritage organisation. In accordance with the World Heritage Convention of 1972 ICOMOS is advisory body to UNESCO. The German National Committee of ICOMOS advocates the preservation of monuments, ensembles and cultural landscapes on a national and international level.


ICOMOS Student Competition 2023:
1960+ / Pleas for the Preservation of Postmodern Buildings

The student competition 1960+ / Postmodernism will be focusing on the undogmatic creations of postmodernism.
More information on the competition task and the conditions of participation can be found here.

(Photo: Groningen Museum [Alessandro Mendini, Michele De Lucchi, Philippe Starck, Coop Himmelb(l)au], (C) Ralph Richter)


25-26 May 2023, Bamberg + online
Conference "Adaptation Strategies for Monuments in a Changing Climate"

Organised by ICOMOS Germany and the University of Bamberg in cooperation with the German National Committee for Monument Protection (DNK), the Association of Monument Authorities in the Länder (VDL) and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.
Register here.
Read more about the conference concept and programme here (in German).
The event will be held exclusively in German.



24 June / 1 July 2023, online
ICOMOS Summer School "Coastal Heritage in Climate Change"

The aim is to initiate an open intercultural exchange to reflect on effective measures to protect cultural heritage in coastal regions affected by climate change. Therefore, the Summer School aims to help bring together the next generation of cultural heritage experts.
Read more about the Summer School program and participation.
Register via this Link.Deadline for registration is 18 June.