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How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member

Persons and institutions with experience in the field of monument preservation and communication and with appropriate qualifications as well as Young/Emerging Professionals are welcome to join us as members at any time.
According to the statutes of ICOMOS Germany, the board decides on the admission of new members. Membership is acquired upon written application. The application form below must be completed and sent to the ICOMOS Germany office (Brüderstraße 13, 10178 Berlin) or by e-mail (icomos@icomos.de). The application must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from members of the association as well as a signed self-commitment to accept the Ethical Principles of ICOMOS International and the agreement to pass on the application data to ICOMOS International.
The membership fee is currently 90 € for individual members, 45 € for Young/Emerging Professionals and 350 € for institutional members.
Young/Emerging Professionals have full membership rights and pay a reduced membership fee until they reach the age of 29 (50% of the regular membership fee in accordance with article 6-b of the statutes of ICOMOS International). Also for students at a university/college who are enrolled in a heritage-related discipline as their main subject, such as conservation/restoration, Bauforschung, art history, archaeology, architecture, World Heritage Studies or the like, membership as Young/Emerging Professionals at ICOMOS is possible.

You can download information here about how to become a member (statutes, application form, etc).:

Mitgliedsantrag für Einzelmitglieder
Mitgliedsantrag für Institutionen
Ethische Grundsätze 2014
Ethical Principles 2014
ICOMOS Satzung