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24 June / 1 July, online -- ICOMOS Summer School "Coastal Heritage in Climate Change"

Inspired by this year's UIA motto “Leave No One Behind” we aim to kickstart an open intercultural exchange to reflect on effective measures to protect cultural heritage in coastal regions affected by climate change. Therefore, the summer school wishes to support bringing together the next generation of heritage professionals and facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange among them.
The summer school will be held in English and exclusively online.
Here is the link to the registration form. Deadline for registration is 18 June.
More detailed information can be found in the program.

Video Recordings of the Conference "Architectural Monuments in Conflicts and Disasters – Prevention/Intervention/Recovery"

The video recordings of the conference in Leipzig on 25 November 2022 can now be watched through the Youtube Channel of ICOMOS Germany:
Section 1 Prevention
Section 2 Intervention
Section 3 Recovery

Results of the workshop now available: Heritage in the Shadow of Conflict – ICOMOS Online Summer School 2022

In conflict situations, uncertainty and unease shape the perception of the future. Reality begins to melt away, like a sandcastle being pulled into the sea by a wave. As cultural practitioners and future professionals in the field of heritage conservation, we are always confronted with a world of constant change and transformation. But rapid (threat of) destruction shocks and overwhelms. Informed decisions need to be made quickly. What is of value? What methods are needed to protect? How should we proceed to implement these methods? How do we rebuild after man-made destruction?
  ... mehr

Video Recordings of the Erich Mendelsohn Symposium of March 2022

The presentations and discussions at the conference on 21 and 22 March 2022 are now available as video recordings, divided into the sections of the event:

ICOMOS Student Competition 2023 1960+ / Pleas for the Preservation of Postmodern Buildings

The student competition 1960+ / Postmodernism will be focusing on the undogmatic creations of postmodernism. Students of architecture, interior design, urban planning, art history, restoration, archaeology, or other heritage-related disciplines are invited to use a postmodernist building of their own choice to either investigate its heritage qualities and values or to develop strategies for its (further) use, renovation or communication.

Photo: Groningen Museum (Alessandro Mendini, Michele De Lucchi, Philippe Starck, Coop Himmelb(l)au), (C) Ralph Richter ... mehr

24 November 2022, Leipzig -- Conference: World.Heritage.Climate - World Heritage Sites and their Contribution to a Sustainable, Climate-conscious Development

The conference is dedicated to showing synergies between the climate protection goals of the young generation and World Heritage sites in order to think World Heritage into the future together with the young generation as well as to jointly conceive project ideas for a sustainable, climate-conscious development.

(Photo: Reconstruction of a historic park & climate resilience strategies, WHS Muskauer Park/Park Mużakowski [Copyright European Heritage Volunteers, Projekt 2022]) ... mehr

25 November 2022, Leipzig & online -- Conference: Architectural Monuments in Conflicts and Disasters - Prevention / Intervention / Recovery

A conference organised by ICOMOS Germany, the German Archaeological Institute, the German UNESCO Commission, and Blue Shield Germany

  ... mehr

Final Report of the Workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" and Appeal

Here you will find the report of the workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" of 9 July 2021, prepared by Constanze Fuhrmann (DBU), Dorothee Boesler (ICOMOS) and Joerg Haspel (ICOMOS) with the assistance of Dörthe Hellmuth, Franziska Lang and Bernd Vollmar (all ICOMOS). The results of the workshop were also made available in an English-language preliminary version to the participants of the "ICOMOS-IPCC-UNESCO Co-Sponsored Meeting" in mid-December 2021. ... mehr

Now in English: Video Recordings of the conference "To Be Or Not To Be. Historic Theatre Buildings: Use and Modernisation"

The presentations given at the conference on 16 and 17 September 2021 as well as the concluding discussion were subsequently interpreted and are now available for the first time as English video recordings. ... mehr

Video Recordings of Conference "Water Heritage - a Source of Knowledge for Sustainable Development"

The video recordings of the conference are now available in the original English and translated French version.
  ... mehr

ICOMOS Israel and ICOMOS Germany call for preservation of Red Banner Factory in St. Petersburg

ICOMOS Israel and ICOMOS Germany have joined forces to call for the complete preservation of the so-called Red Banner Factory in St. Petersburg, which is largely based on a design by Erich Mendelsohn and is currently threatened with partial demolition.
To this end, they have written a letter to the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Read the letter here.
(Photo: S. Gorbatenko)