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Final Report of the Workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" and Appeal

Here you will find the report of the workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" of 9 July 2021, prepared by Constanze Fuhrmann (DBU), Dorothee Boesler (ICOMOS) and Joerg Haspel (ICOMOS), with the assistance of Dörthe Hellmuth, Franziska Lang and Bernd Vollmar (all ICOMOS). The results of the workshop were also made available in an English-language preliminary version to the participants of the "ICOMOS-IPCC-UNESCO Co-Sponsored Meeting" in mid-December 2021.

In cooperation with partner organisations, ICOMOS Germany is planning to present and discuss the main results of the "ICOMOS-IPCC-UNESCO Co-Sponsored Meeting" of December 2021 (online event or face-to-face event) in spring 2022. The aim is to discuss and communicate the topic in German-speaking countries with a larger circle of participants and on a broader basis. All interested parties will be informed and invited separately as soon as the key dates have been set.
Until then, ICOMOS Germany invites all those working in this field to share information about their activities on this topic and to raise questions they encounter in relation to the issue. ICOMOS Germany will try to take this input into account for the next event.
German version
English version