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25 November 2022, Leipzig & online -- Conference: Architectural Monuments in Conflicts and Disasters - Prevention / Intervention / Recovery

Conflicts and disasters pose an extreme threat not only to people and the environment, but also to cultural heritage. Unlike movable cultural assets, built heritage cannot be evacuated and stored elsewhere. The possibilities for comprehensive documentation are also limited at the moment of a crisis. The war of aggression against Ukraine, the armed conflicts in the Middle East, but also catastrophes such as the floods in the Ahr Valley are current examples of an ever-present danger that poses a great challenge to the protection and rescue of built heritage - from world heritage sites to small historic buildings.
What measures can be taken to be well prepared for disaster? How can something be done during an acute conflict or crisis situation? What is to be done after a disaster and to what extent are long-term and preventive strategies and means effective in protecting the built heritage?
The conference takes an approach to a complex topic and aims to give initiatives and organisations as well as cultural heritage specialists, restorers and interested visitors to denkmal an orientation in the field of monument protection and monument rescue in cases of conflict and crisis. Specialist lectures and discussion rounds will offer numerous opportunities to learn new things and to exchange ideas with experts.

Information about the program and registration can be found here.