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New Publications

Heft LXXII Eiserner Vorhang und Grünes Band. Netzwerke und Kooperationsmöglichkeiten in einer europäischen Grenzlandschaft

Iron Curtain and Green Belt. Networks and Opportunities for Cooperation in a European Border Landscape
Münster 2020
Proceedings of the conference of the same title, Berlin 2018

Heft LXXIII A Future for Our Recent Past. Model Projects of Modern Heritage Conservation in Europe

Berlin 2020
Proceedings of the conference of the same title, Leipzig 2018

Electronic Publication III "Grenzen und Nachbarschaften, Wanderungen und Begegnung / Frontières et voisinages, Migrations et rencontre"

Documentation of the conference of the working group "Migration und Erbe“ of ICOMOS Germany in cooperation with the working group SAGE at the University of Strasbourg and the Faculty Architektur und Bauwesen at the Hochschule Technik und Wirtschaft Karlsruhe within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage / Strasbourg, 13th - 15th September 2018
Eds.: Sigrid Brandt und Christoph Schwarzkopf
Berlin 2020  

You can read/download the publication HERE.

Brochure in Commemoration of Michael Petzet (1933 - 2019)

On 12 April 2020, Michael Petzet, who died on 29 May 2019, would have been 87 years old. ICOMOS Germany is taking this year's International Day of Monuments and Sites on 18 April as an opportunity to commemorate the long-standing president and honorary president of ICOMOS Germany and ICOMOS International and to make a collection of personal obituaries and memories of Michael Petzet compiled by Michael Jansen available online.
For decades, Michael Petzet and his life's work as a monument conservator and art historian followed the motto of the International Day of Monuments and Sites 2020: "Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility".
Read the brochure here.


German Texts on Theory and Practice of Heritage Conservation for the First Time in English and French

Important German-language texts on theory and practice of monument conservation, among them “classics” of principle formation in modern conservation, are only seldom reflected and quoted in foreign-language heritage publications. This is largely due to the fact that there are no translations. On the initiative of Bénédicte Selfslagh (ICOMOS Belgium), the four German-speaking ICOMOS National Committees of Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland therefore decided to make crucial German texts on heritage conservation available in other languages.
Thanks to the generous support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media upon a decision of the German Bundestag, ICOMOS Germany has been able to make seven selected essays by art historians, architects, heritage conservators and journalists on central topics of conservation accessible as open-access resources in German, English and French and in their full length.
This online publication is also meant as a contribution to the preparation and discussion of a publication project in the ICOMOS series “MONUMENTA” which the German-speaking National Committees of ICOMOS are planning for the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) with its slogan “Sharing Heritage – Reflecting Heritage”. The presidents of the four German-speaking ICOMOS National Committees intend to translate a selection of programmatic texts published in the German-speaking countries since the European Architectural Heritage Year 1975 and to publish them as vol. IV of the MONUMENTA series.
We owe thanks to the editors of the seven texts, the Association of Federal Conservationists in Germany, the Bavarian State Office for Monument Conservation, the Deutscher Kunstverlag, kunsttexte.de, and especially the authors for allowing us to publish their essays once again and to make them accessible in English and French.
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