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Call for Papers THE FRAGMENT IN THE DIGITAL AGE - Opportunities and risks of new conservation-restoration techniques

International Symposium of the HAWK Hildesheim (Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Conservation and the Hornemann Institute)
May 13th - 15th, 2020 in Hildesheim, Germany
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 July 2019 to service@hornemann-institut.de
Decision: 31 August 2019
For more information on the content of the Call for Papers and the event, please refer to the attachment.

(Fig.: Prüfening, former monastery church, southern side choir, Photo: U. Schädler-Saub)

Until 30 June 2019: CALL FOR POSTERS "Olympic Follies"

Student Poster Session at the International Conference "The Heritage of the Modern Olympic Games.
Historic Sports Facilities between Conservation and Conversion." Munich, November 7–9, 2019
More details can be found in the attachment.

Photo: Media Line by Hans Hollein, Olympic Village Munich (© Katarzyna Juszczyszyn, 2019)

SAVE THE DATE: The Heritage of the Modern Olympic Games (Munich, 7-8 November 2019)

The conference " The Heritage of the Modern Olympic Games. Historic Sports Facilities between Conservation and Conversion" is organised by ICOMOS Germany and the City of Munich in cooperation with the Bavarian Heritage Conservation Authority and the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (DASL).
Using the example of the modern Olympic Summer Games, the event aims to analyse the role of sport in the modern society of the 20th century and explore and discuss the conservation chances and conflicts of Olympic Summer Game sites in a European and worldwide context.

Further details on the event (programme) will follow soon.
(Photo: muenchen.de)


Until September 27, 2019: ICOMOS Student Competition 2019 "60plus - Subway and Traffic Constructions"

Pleas for the Preservation of Subway and Traffic Facilities of the Post-war Period
With the student competition, the organisers wish to continue the ICOMOS student competitions of 2015 "from 60 to 90" and 2017 "60plus XXL" and this time focus on the subway and traffic facilities of the post-war period. Analytical contributions on the significance, function and redevelopment or modernisation and transformation of listed traffic facilities are possible as well as conceptual contributions with proposals for conservation, restoration or conservation renewal and re-use.
Details of the call for contributions can be found in the annex (in German).

Press Release and Review of Conference "Iron Curtain and Green Belt" (Berlin, 17-19 June 2018)

Iron Curtain and Green Belt – Networks and Cooperation Perspectives for a European Border Landscape
A conference organised by ICOMOS Germany, the Berlin Wall Foundation, the Berlin Heritage Conservation Authority, the Brandenburg Heritage Conservation Authority, IUCN, and other partners.
This conference was part of the programme for the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH).
Please read the press release disseminated after the conference.
Read also the review of the conference in: Die Denkmalpflege, 2/2018 (in German)
(Picture credit: Lara Dehnst)