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Call for Participants: Heritage in the Shadow of Conflict – ICOMOS Online Summer School 2022 (24–25 June and 1 July 2022)

In conflict situations, uncertainty and unease shape the perception of the future. Reality begins to melt away, like a sandcastle being pulled into the sea by a wave. As cultural practitioners and future professionals in the field of heritage conservation, we are always confronted with a world of constant change and transformation. But rapid (threat of) destruction shocks and overwhelms. Informed decisions need to be made quickly. What is of value? What methods are needed to protect? How should we proceed to implement these methods? How do we rebuild after man-made destruction?
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21-22 March 2022, Berlin -- Erich Mendelsohn Symposium

The two-day symposium will take place at the Berlin Chamber of Architects, the former building of the metalworkers' union in Berlin (Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin), realised by Erich Mendelsohn in 1928-30. On the occasion of the 135th birthday of Erich Mendelsohn on 21 March 2022, there will be a cinema evening with films about the life and work of Erich Mendelsohn.
The programme can be found on the Conference Website as well as in the conference flyer.

Please also have a look at the new Erich Mendelsohn Initiative Circle Website and at the review of the conference by Ulf Meyer.

(Photo: Building of the metalworkers' union, 1930, Bundesarchiv 102-10620)

Final Report of the Workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" and Appeal

Here you will find the report of the workshop "Monument Protection and Climate Change" of 9 July 2021, prepared by Constanze Fuhrmann (DBU), Dorothee Boesler (ICOMOS) and Joerg Haspel (ICOMOS) with the assistance of Dörthe Hellmuth, Franziska Lang and Bernd Vollmar (all ICOMOS). The results of the workshop were also made available in an English-language preliminary version to the participants of the "ICOMOS-IPCC-UNESCO Co-Sponsored Meeting" in mid-December 2021. ... mehr

Now in English: Video Recordings of the conference "To Be Or Not To Be. Historic Theatre Buildings: Use and Modernisation"

The presentations given at the conference on 16 and 17 September 2021 as well as the concluding discussion were subsequently interpreted and are now available for the first time as English video recordings. ... mehr

Video Recordings of Conference "Water Heritage - a Source of Knowledge for Sustainable Development"

The video recordings of the conference are now available in the original English and translated French version.
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ICOMOS Student Competition 2021: 1960 plus – Brutalism

In 2021, the biennial student competition organised by ICOMOS Germany with partner organisations will again be dedicated to the young heritage after 1960. This time, the focus is on béton brut architecture, i.e. exposed concrete buildings that are "raw" in the literal sense of the word, and other testimonies to so-called Brutalism.

The submission deadline is September 27, 2021, and students of architecture, interior design, urban planning, art history, restoration, archaeology or other disciplines relevant to monuments are invited to participate. The competition documents are:
- a detailed description (in German)
- a shorter poster version in English