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Working Groups - AG 2020

During its three-year working period, the ad-hoc working group »AG 2020« will develop new ways of promoting ICOMOS’ fields of action and investigate and identify emerging issues in heritage and conservation to attract potential new members that can actively contribute to shaping the future of ICOMOS Germany (ICOMOS GER). The working group was founded in response to the aims of ICOMOS International to better integrate emerging professionals in its activities and to gain new active campaigners for the conservation of cultural heritage. It will promote inter-generational exchange, identify and discuss new tendencies and topics in the field of cultural heritage and communicate the work of ICOMOS GER through digital and social media.
A core mission of AG 2020 is the communication and promotion of the tasks and aims of ICOMOS GER to emerging professionals. We want to enhance the visibility of ICOMOS GER on the national level and motivate new – and especially younger – members to actively contribute to ICOMOS GER. In this way, the working group will  assist in recruiting new members and in developing a forward-looking and well-balanced membership structure.
We want to develop new formats of communication and engagement with view to enhancing the exchange and collaboration between members of all age groups and levels of professional experience. Furthermore, we want to enhance the network of the group of Emerging Professionals nationally and internationally and strengthen collaboration with universities and other relevant educational institutions.
AG 2020 will identify, discuss and explore new themes and areas of action in the field of conservation and cultural heritage. In this endeavor,  the advancing digitalization and new forms of interaction through social media will be given special attention as they constitute an opportunity for ICOMOS GER to integrate the scope of interest of potential new members into its work.
The results and experiences of the work of AG 2020 will be summarized in a report that will include recommendations for future permanent working groups and/or new formats for cooperation, as well as for internal and external communication.
Kirsten Angermann, Michael Bastgen, Susann Harder, Tino Mager, Anja Merbach, Isabelle Mühlstedt, Clara Rellensmann, Luise Rellensmann
Speaker and deputy speaker
Kirsten Angermann
Michael Bastgen