Save the Date: Conference "Monuments and Sites de-colonial! Methods and Strategies of Dealing with the Architectural Heritage of the German Colonial Era" (Munich, 3-4 November 2023)

"Monuments and Sites de-colonial!" will be dealing with the architectural relics of the German colonial era and investigating post-colonial strategies of appropriation and critical communication regarding these buildings. In addition to possible references to pre-colonial legacies, the focus will be primarily on the period of the German colonial era from around 1880 to 1920. The spectrum of case studies will refer both to the territory of the German Empire itself at the time, as well as to the former German colonies in Africa, East Asia and the South Pacific.
For more detailed information on the main topics please see the attachment.
(Photo: Train Station of Qingdao/China, built in 1901, torn down in 1992, reconstructed in 1999 and embedded into a historicising mega-structure in 2006; photo Michael Falser 2023)

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