How to Become a Member

Committed individuals and institutions with experience in the fields of heritage conservation and heritage education and with appropriate qualifications are always welcome as members.

In accordance with the statutes of ICOMOS Germany, the Board of ICOMOS Germany decides on the admission of new members. Membership is acquired upon written application. For this purpose, the application form below must be completed and sent to the office of ICOMOS Germany (Brüderstraße 13, 10178 Berlin) or emailed ( The application must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from members of ICOMOS Germany, a signed commitment to accept the Ethical Principles of ICOMOS International and the agreement that the application data can be passed on to ICOMOS International.
The membership fee is currently € 90 (from 2024 € 100) for individual members and € 350 (from 2024 € 400) for institutional members.
Young/Emerging Professionals
We also welcome young/emerging professionals whose initial professional experience we value and whom ICOMOS wishes to provide a platform for networking with experts in their field. 

Young/Emerging Professionals have full membership rights and pay a reduced membership fee until the age of 29, which is 50 % of the regular fee in accordance with Article 6-b of the Statutes of ICOMOS International. At present (and beyond 2023) the membership fee is € 45.
Students at a college/university who are majoring in a heritage discipline, such as conservation/restoration, building research, art history, archaeology, architecture, World Heritage Studies or similar, are also eligible for membership of ICOMOS as Young/Emerging Professionals.
Anyone interested in becoming a member of ICOMOS Germany is very welcome to contact our office for advice on how to apply.

List of Members

ICOMOS Germany has more than 500 members at the end of 2020. The members listed below have given their express consent to the publication of their names in accordance with data protection regulations. To contact our members, please get in touch with our office.
The List of Members is updated at regular intervals, but makes no claim to completeness.

You can download information here about how to become a member (statutes, application form, etc).:

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