Results of the workshop now available: Heritage in the Shadow of Conflict – ICOMOS Online Summer School 2022

In conflict situations, uncertainty and unease shape the perception of the future. Reality begins to melt away, like a sandcastle being pulled into the sea by a wave. As cultural practitioners and future professionals in the field of heritage conservation, we are always confronted with a world of constant change and transformation. But rapid (threat of) destruction shocks and overwhelms. Informed decisions need to be made quickly. What is of value? What methods are needed to protect? How should we proceed to implement these methods? How do we rebuild after man-made destruction?

The results of the group work of this event, organised by ICOMOS Denmark and ICOMOS Germany as well as by the ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group, are now available here:
1) Working Group "Post-Conflict Reconstruction"
2) Working Group "Protection"
3) Working Group "Peacebuilding"
4) Working Group "Restitution"
5) Working Group "Documentation"
6) Working Group "Middle East Context"
7) Working Group "Ukraine and the European Context"
8) Working Group "Rights: International Law Related to the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict"
9) Working Group "Trafficking"

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